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Part-time and accelerated study options available

Teaching is a dynamic profession that is professionally challenging and personally rewarding. It will provide you with the opportunity to help guide the development and learning of our youth, from preschool right through to secondary school.

Teachers are highly valued in our community and enjoy diverse career paths here and overseas in classrooms, management and administration. A qualification from the University of Melbourne will give you access to exciting programs that are informed by up-to-date research and complemented by relevant practical experience. You will also enjoy outstanding employment prospects, consistently above the national average.

To become a teacher:

Step 1
Undertake an undergraduate degree in any discipline.

Step 2
Choose one of the Master of Teaching degrees at Melbourne to qualify as a teacher.

About the Master of Teaching
The Master of Teaching is for graduates from any discipline who wish to become teachers, and is available in four streams:

  • Early Childhood
  • Primary
  • Early Childhood and Primary
  • Secondary

Just as every child is unique, the Master of Teaching at Melbourne is a degree like no other. Our innovative new curriculum brings together theory and practice in a way that will give you powerful insights into children and the learning process.

With a deeper understanding of why students do what they do, you’ll be better able to keep them engaged and motivated. In turn, you’ll enjoy a more successful and rewarding career.

Entry requirements
This program may have specific entry requirements such as a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) that must be completed to be considered for entry.

To apply for the Master of Teaching (Secondary) you would have to complete two learning areas with your undergraduate degree. For more information, contact the Graduate School.

Completion of Teacher Capability Assessment Tool (TCAT), an online tool to help identify the optimal mix of knowledge and personal skills to become a successful teacher.

Guaranteed entry
The University offers guaranteed entry into selected graduate degrees to domestic and international students who have completed an Australian Year 12 or the IB in Australia. Eligible students must enrol in a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree immediately following year 12, or be granted a deferral by the University. These guarantees are usually based on your ATAR/notional ATAR.

Find out if you’re eligible for guaranteed entry.

Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship
Chancellor’s Scholars at Melbourne are guaranteed a place in the graduate program of their choice, and participate in a program of enrichment activities during their undergraduate studies.

Find out more about the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship