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Part-time and accelerated study options available

With a current worldwide shortage of engineers and a demand for new kinds of engineering jobs to tackle today’s environmental and technological challenges, qualified engineers are in high demand and command high salaries.

By studying engineering at Melbourne, you’ll graduate with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. This will enable you to enter the engineering profession at an advanced level with a professionally recognised qualification and the ideal combination of technical, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Engineering majors

  • bioengineering systems
  • chemical systems
  • civil systems
  • computing and software systems
  • electrical systems
  • environmental engineering systems
  • mechanical systems
  • mechatronics systems
  • spatial systems

To become an engineer:

Step 1

Complete an engineering systems major in the Bachelor of Biomedicine, Design or Science.

Step 2

Choose the Master of Engineering to qualify as a professionally accredited engineer.

You can complete the Master of Engineering in two years if you have studied the matching engineering systems major in your undergraduate degree.

If you want to change your specialisation, or you have a non-engineering major, you can still do a 2.5-3 year Master of Engineering*.

Example pathway

Year 1 Undergraduate Year 2 Year 3   Year 4 Graduate Year 5 Year 6
Bachelor of Biomedicine Master of Engineering
Bachelor of Science      
Bachelor of Design      

Or any approved undergraduate degree


Engineering through the Bachelor of Biomedicine

A major in Bioengineering Systems in the Bachelor of Biomedicine leads to a 2-year Master of Engineering (Biomedical). This pathway into engineering is ideal if you’re looking to complement your technical skills with medical knowledge and take up a career in the exciting field of biomedical engineering.

Engineering through the Bachelor of Design

The Bachelor of Design offers three engineering systems majors: civil systems, mechanical systems or spatial systems. This pathway provides students with a unique skillset in engineering and design thinking. These creative thinking and problem-solving skills are applicable to a wide range of contexts such as the creation and improvement to cities, buildings, transport, machinery, processes, infrastructure and the environment.   

Engineering through the Bachelor of Science

Engineering through the Bachelor of Science offers the full range of engineering systems majors and subject choices leading to the Master of Engineering. This is the ideal pathway if you want flexibility and the opportunity to study engineering in a wider scientific context.

About the Master of Engineering

The Master of Engineering is designed to produce graduate engineers with outstanding personal and professional qualities.

By studying the Master of Engineering, you’ll gain technical expertise, industry exposure and professional accreditation, giving you insight into the social, environmental and economic aspects of real-world engineering problem solving. You’ll develop communication, teamwork and project management skills, along with advanced skills in your chosen engineering specialisation.

The Master of Engineering is available in 12 technical specialisations and has professional accreditation with Engineers Australia and EUR-ACE (European accreditation), giving you a globally-recognised degree.

We also offer the Master of Engineering (with Business) in six specialisations. Students can replace five advanced technical electives with five business subjects that have been tailored specifically for engineering students and co-developed with Melbourne Business School.

*Entry requirements

This degree has specific prerequisite and grade entry requirements to be considered for entry. Specifically, relevant maths and science prerequisite subjects and a minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of 65%.

Guaranteed entry

The University offers guaranteed entry into selected graduate degrees to domestic and international students who have completed an Australian Year 12 or the IB in Australia. Eligible students must enrol in a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree immediately following year 12, or be granted a deferral by the University. These guarantees are usually based on your ATAR/notional ATAR.

Find out if you’re eligible for guaranteed entry.

Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship

Chancellor’s Scholars at Melbourne are guaranteed a place in the graduate program of their choice, and participate in a program of enrichment activities during their undergraduate studies.

Find out more about the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship