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Part-time and accelerated study options available

Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. If working with people and exploring how they think, feel and behave appeals to you, a career in psychology is a great choice.

There are many specialisations within the field of psychology, but whichever path you follow, you will be applying your specialist knowledge to assess, diagnose, prevent and treat psychological problems.

To become a psychologist:

Step 1
Choose from either the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and complete an accredited major sequence of study in psychology.

Step 2
Complete honours in psychology, or the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced).

Note: If you do not major in psychology in your undergraduate degree, you must complete the Graduate Diploma in Psychology before undertaking the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced).

Step 3
Choose from either the Master of Psychology, with specialisations in Clinical Psychology or Neuropsychology; or the combined Master of Psychology/PhD.



Example pathway

Year 1 Undergraduate Year 2 Year 3 Year 4   Year 5 Graduate Year 6
Bachelor of Arts Honours Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)
Bachelor of Science Honours    

About the Master of Psychology
The Master of Psychology is a two-year program that provides graduates with the skills to work as professional clinical psychologists or neuropsychologists.

It provides a grounding in the theoretical, conceptual and empirical foundations of psychology and the various areas of professional practice, supervised practical experience and research training.

Graduates are eligible for membership of the relevant College of the Australian Psychological Society. The rigorous training provided by the University means our graduates are in high demand and well regarded within the profession. Many have found employment opportunities overseas.

Entry requirements
This program may have specific entry requirements such as prerequisite subjects or a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) that must be completed to be considered for entry.

To apply for a Master of Psychology, you must completed a bachelors degree in Arts or Science, with an accredited major in Psychology.