Study pathway to

Veterinary medicine

Part-time and accelerated study options available

If you love animals and are passionate about providing them with the best health care, a career in veterinary medicine is for you. As a veterinarian, you can work in clinical practice or veterinary research, for pharmaceutical companies or education providers, at zoos or animal welfare agencies, and in government services or development agencies across the globe.

By studying veterinary medicine at Melbourne, you will complete two degrees: an undergraduate science degree to provide important theoretical foundations in science and the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, gaining specialised graduate-level theoretical and practical training in veterinary science.

To become a veterinarian:

Step 1
Undertake the Bachelor of Agriculture or the Bachelor of Biomedicine or the Bachelor of Science at Melbourne and complete relevant prerequisite subjects in biology and biochemistry.

Bachelor of Science students at the University of Melbourne can complete a shorter pathway via the Veterinary Bioscience specialisation of the Animal Health and Disease major (conditions apply).

Step 2
Choose the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Melbourne to qualify as a veterinarian.

Example pathway

Year 1 Undergraduate Year 2 Year 3   Year 4 Graduate Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Bachelor of Biomedicine Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Bachelor of Science        
Bachelor of Agriculture        

About the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is a professional masters degree that prepares you for entry to veterinary practice. It is a contemporary program informed by current international best practice and opens up a wide range of additional career opportunities both nationally and internationally.

The DVM offers internationally recognised and trained staff with extensive experience in veterinary education, advanced practice and research and a practical and hands-on focus, including a final year of lecture-free practical training in our Veterinary Hospital and other approved sites.

It also has international accreditation by Australian, North American and British agencies, allowing graduates to easily work outside Australia.

Please note the DVM is a full-time program.


Entry requirements
This program may have specific entry requirements such a minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) that must be completed to be considered for entry.

Guaranteed entry
The University offers guaranteed entry into selected graduate degrees to domestic and international students who have completed an Australian Year 12 or the IB in Australia. Eligible students must enrol in a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree immediately following year 12, or be granted a deferral by the University. These guarantees are usually based on your ATAR/notional ATAR.

Find out if you’re eligible for guaranteed entry.

Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship
Chancellor’s Scholars at Melbourne are guaranteed a place in the graduate program of their choice, and participate in a program of enrichment activities during their undergraduate studies.

Find out more about the Melbourne Chancellor’s Scholarship