Distinguished research biologist and Australian of the Year, Sir Gustav Nossal recommends. “Do as much Mathematics and Statistics as you can in your degrees – these skills will empower your professional lives.”

Mathematics and Statistics is at the leading edge of knowledge, providing important new insights into nature, technology and business, while drawing on a rich history of ideas as old as civilisation itself.

This major will enable you to gain depth of knowledge in a specialised area, as well as equip you with transferable skills related to conceptual understanding, how to analyse and solve problems, and teamwork. These are powerful tools for understanding science and the world of economics and finance, as well as in the study of human behaviour in the fields of psychology, linguistics and the social sciences.

Study of Mathematics and Statistics is also available in the Diploma in Mathematical Sciences at Melbourne.


A Mathematics major provides a strong foundation for an employment or research career in areas including the general sciences, agriculture and environmental sciences, banking, finance, commerce, engineering, government and education.

Job titles may include: logistics/project manager, market research consultant, or medical analyst.

Entry requirements & Prerequisites

This major is available through more than one course, both of which have their own separate entry requirements.

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Bachelor of Science&Bachelor of Science Extended