Develop the practical skills to grow, manage and design with horticultural plants at the traditional home of horticulture in Australia.

The Associate Degree in Environmental Horticulture is delivered from the beautiful nine hectares of heritage-listed gardens at Burnley campus. Burnley has been teaching horticulture since 1891.

You will receive a strong technical and theoretical foundation in ecology, plant science and sustainable horticulture, supported by studies in communications, business management, staff supervision, occupational health and safety and first aid. The course includes an eight-week industry placement, where you will complete a work program in the horticulture industry under the guidance of trained professionals.

In addition to Burnley’s unique collection of indigenous and exotic trees and shrubs, we explore the Royal Botanic Gardens, historic gardens, heritage-listed gardens and environmental rehabilitation sites.

Our graduates are keenly sought by the horticultural industry as the campus’s reputation for quality training and innovative teaching are renowned.

Most students usually complete the Associate Degree in Environmental Horticulture full-time over two years. All students enrolled in the Associate Degree complete the same subjects/course structure.

High achieving students may be eligible to articulate into the Bachelor of Environments at Melbourne.


Many graduates develop their own businesses, or enter a range of career in the horticulture industry, including:

  • Arboriculture
  • Business management
  • Conference and event management
  • Design and maintenance of public and private gardens
  • Gardening
  • Green infrastructure
  • Horticulture and revegetation
  • Horticulture journalism
  • Landcare coordination
  • Landscape design and construction
  • Parks and gardens
  • Production and retail nurseries
  • Research
  • Revegetation and restoration
  • Television and radio
  • Therapeutic horticulture
  • Turf management.

Entry requirements for the Associate Degree in Urban Horticulture

Clearly-in Rank 2017
NA Guide only

The Clearly-in Rank is the lowest score at which students were granted entry in 2017. i

The Clearly-in Rank should be used as a guide for entry. It is not set in advance and may vary from year to year. The Clearly-in Rank is determined by the number of places available, the number of applicants listing the course as a preference and the academic achievement of those applicants.

Access Melbourne entry

Access Melbourne allows eligible students to be considered below the Clearly-in Rank. i

Minimum ATAR 2017
54.00 Guide only i

You must achieve the minimum ATAR (if indicated) to be considered for entry to this degree. The Clearly-in Rank may be above the Minimum ATAR, depending on the demand for the course and the number of places available.


Units 3 & 4: A study score of at least 25 in English/English Language/Literature or at least 30 in EAL.