Make an impact in the sphere of health, environment, industry, agriculture, science, and technology with a major in Chemistry.

The Chemistry major enables you to view the world from a molecular perspective, and to solve complex problems that span the breadth of chemistry and other sciences. You can choose to specialise in Chemistry or Pharmacology.

Through your studies you will gain transferable skills, specialised laboratory skills and knowledge in the areas of molecular design and synthesis, analysis and spectroscopic identification of chemical species, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, chemical kinetics, and thermodynamics.


As a chemistry graduate, you can work in established manufacturing industries such as food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, or mineral and petroleum products. You can also pursue leading roles in the emerging industries involving biotechnology, and the synthesis and testing of bioactive molecules.

Other options include careers in management, marketing and sales, information technology, law, teaching, and environmental consultancies. Careers in research, government and professional positions are also available to you.

Entry requirements & Prerequisites

This major is available through more than one course, both of which have their own separate entry requirements.

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Bachelor of Science&Bachelor of Science Extended