Doctors/Masters Level

Master of Engineering (Biochemical)

2 years (3 year option is also available depending on applicant's background)(part-time study options available)
Parkville campus
Available to Domestic and International
Course CRICOS code:069275C

In the next few decades, Biochemical Engineering will provide solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems in relation to energy, food and water. Biochemical engineers explore the development of large-scale processes using microbial, plant or animal cells. You will learn to design novel bioprocesses that will have applications in the production of bioproducts as diverse as cosmetics, cheese, bioethanol, beer and drugs, led by international leaders in dairy innovation, bioremediation and biofuel production. You will benefit from interaction with industry representatives and work on a design and a research project, which may take the form of an industrial placement. You will design novel bioproducts and bioprocesses that will have applications in food engineering, pharmaceutical production and environmental remediation or processes. This course will provide you with a formal qualification in biochemical engineering at the Masters level.

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