Concurrent Diploma

Diploma in Informatics

You can choose to study the diploma alongside your undergraduate degree (adding a further year of study), or cross-credit some of the study in your undergraduate degree to your diploma and take a ‘fast track’ to completion (potentially completing the diploma in the same time it takes to complete your undergraduate degree). Conditions apply and you should discuss your options with a student adviser once you enrol in your undergraduate degree.

Follow your passion for IT by studying the Diploma in Informatics alongside your undergraduate degree at Melbourne.

The Diploma in Informatics equips you with the IT knowledge employers are looking for. It offers skills in programming, designing online solutions and developing web applications, and gives you the tools to solve information related problems in a range of areas.

Using technology to manage and present information is a required skill across all industries. This diploma provides you with a sequence of IT study and a range of data manipulation and presentation techniques, opening up career opportunities in finance, economics, biology, geology, chemistry, engineering, health, communications and social networking.


  • a weighted average of at least 65% in their current study
  • successfully completed a minimum of 50 points of University study including the core subject COMP10001 Foundations of Computing.

Students enrolled in the following cannot enrol in the Diploma in Informatics:

  • Bachelor of Science students majoring in Computing and Software Systems, Data Science or Informatics
  • Bachelor of Design students majoring in Computing.


This diploma is studied concurrently on a part-time basis with a bachelors degree. The 1 year (EFTSL) duration is usually completed over 3-4 years

Areas of study

The Diploma in Informatics offers the following areas of study:

  • Computer Science
  • Foundations of Computing
  • Information Systems
  • Software Modelling and Design
  • Web Information Technologies.