Concurrent Diploma

Diploma in Music

The Diploma in Music has been specially structured to allow for concurrent completion of both your undergraduate degree and the Diploma within three years.

By taking academic and/or music studies subjects as breadth subjects in your undergraduate degree, you’ll have the opportunity to cross-credit up to 50 points from your degree to your Diploma, enabling you to complete your undergraduate degree and the Diploma within three years of full-time study.


Follow your passion for music by studying the Diploma in Music alongside your undergraduate degree at Melbourne.

The Diploma in Music provides the opportunity to further your musical training or explore areas of academic and practical interest in music, while gaining a music qualification alongside your undergraduate studies in another field.

The program can be tailored, depending on your interests, and provides access to the full range of MCM curriculum. For students interested in music performance, the diploma can allow you to focus on practical music training, providing individual instrumental or vocal tuition during a three-year (minimum) sequence of practical, ensemble and elective subjects. For students interested in musicology, ethnomusicology or other areas of academic interest in music, the program allows access to the extensive range of MCM subjects in these areas.

You study the course alongside Bachelor of Music students, allowing you to build valuable friendships and networks in a challenging musical environment. 

At the conclusion of the course, students taking practical subjects will have acquired advanced practical abilities comparable (at a minimum) with the end of the second year of the Bachelor of Music course. Students taking academic subjects will have completed the equivalent to a major in music studies.

You can commence the diploma in the first or second year of your undergraduate degree. Beginning in first year allows you to complete both diploma and bachelors degree in three years. 


The Diploma of Music is available to students enrolled in Melbourne Model bachelors degrees at the University of Melbourne. Applications to the Diploma of Music can be submitted after you gain a place in a bachelors degree program.
Entry to the concurrent diploma does not require an audition, however some subjects have separate audition requirements and differing deadlines. Practical Music 1 (MUSI10220) has an audition as part of the application process.

Please check application deadlines on the Concurrent Diplomas page and specific subject requirements and deadlines in the Handbook and the Faculty auditions page.


This diploma is studied concurrently on a part-time basis with a bachelors degree. The 1 year (EFTSL) duration is usually completed over 3-4 years

Areas of study

The Diploma in Music offers the following areas of study:

  • Academic Music Studies
  • Applied Music Skills
  • Ensemble and Chamber Music Studies
  • Music Performance.