Changing my first preference

If you want to make the University of Melbourne your first preference for round 2*, you’ll need to do so through VTAC by 4pm on Monday 29 January 2018.

Our undergraduate degrees offer students a choice from over 100 majors, offering a deep learning experience over three years. Breadth subjects enrich the experience and allow students to supplement their main discipline with a wider range of knowledge, skills and interdisciplinary perspectives. Students also have the opportunity to study one of our concurrent diplomas in Informatics, Languages, Mathematical Sciences or Music. On graduation, students can enter the workforce or progress to a professional graduate degree or research higher degree.

With a range of scholarships available, including the Melbourne National Merit Scholarship - our newest offering to students who achieve a 99.0+ (or 85.0+ for Indigenous students) - there has never been a better time to choose the University of Melbourne.

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* Please note that round 2 offers will not be made for the Bachelor of Oral Health

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Haven't applied for 2018 yet?

If you did not apply to VTAC in 2017, but have decided you wish to study with us this year, you can apply via VTAC between 17 January 2018 (10am) and 22 January 2018 (5pm).

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How do VTAC preferences work?

The way the VTAC preference system works means that it is best to list your preferences in the order in which you would most like to receive an offer (i.e. by preference).

  • All of your preferences will be considered

    As a VTAC applicant, you have the option to list up to 8 course preferences in your application. The details of your application are sent by VTAC to all the courses at each of the universities you have listed as a preference. Your application will be considered for all of these courses at the same time, regardless of how high or low each course is on your preference list.

  • You only get one offer per round

    Selection committees for all courses you have listed as a preference inform VTAC by the same deadline if they wish to make you an offer or not. It is then the role of VTAC to process the selection outcomes to determine which course you have been offered that is the highest on your preference list. This is the offer you will receive!

  • The order is important

    Selection officers do not consider the preference level of their course when deciding whether or not to make you an offer. This means that when they are deciding if they will you offer you a place in their course, they do not take into consideration how high or low their course is on your list of preferences. The order of your preferences will not disadvantage your application in any way.


    In this example the applicant will be unaware that their second preference chose not to make them an offer or that their third preference would have made them an offer. The only offer they will receive is the one made by the highest preference – in this case their first preference.

    Trying to second-guess the system by putting your dream course second and the course you're sure you'll get an offer for first will most likely result in you getting an offer for your first preference and you'll never know if your dream course would have made you an offer or not.

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